1. What is UNiRIDE e-Bike?

UNiRIDE e-Bike is the 1st electric bicycle (E-Bike) sharing platform in Malaysia, allowing students and university staff to take a short trip within university campus. With UNiRIDE E-bike, it’s as simple as 1,2,3. Download the App, Unlock the E-bike, and Lock-up when you’re done.

2. What Can I use Unirie E-bike for?

Our E-bikes can be used for commuting to colleges or faculties, for sightseeing, for recreation, to get to any destination for whatever reason. UNiRIDE E-bike’s mission is ultimately to make universities in Malaysia to be more accessible in an environmentally friendly, timely, and convenient way.

3. Who can use a UNiRIDE E-bike?

E-bikes can only be used by University Students and staff only. If you are not in that category, you may contact us for further clarification.

Our E-bikes are designed such that people of various heights and sizes can ride them comfortably and safely.

Our E-bikes are also designed for comfort and easy riding in an urban environment and are safe for riders of various heights and riding abilities

4. How does UNiRIDE e-Bike works?


The first step to getting on your E-bike is to download the UNiRIDE app that is available in Apple and Google playstore. Once your download is finished, launch the app and follow the registration process. Easy peasy!

Locate and Unlock

Now you’re registered, you’ll want to find your closest E-Bike. You can locate bikes near you from the Homepage of the UNiRIDE If you need to re-centre your app, simply press the GPS locator target.

Once you’ve found a bike near you, simply scan the QR code on the front or rear of the Bike’s frame. E-Bike will unlock, your hassle-free ride starts now!

If your bike fails to unlock, press ‘Manually Enter Bike No,’ to enter the 6 digit code on the side of the bike.

Return and Lock

Return the e-bike at designated UNiRIDE E-Bike stations located in the campus & lock it using the app.

All E-bikes need to be returned at our designated parking station. Failure to do so, a RM20 penalty fee will be charged to your account

Remember! Please be courteous to other riders when parking your E-bike.


1. How do I register for UNiRIDE E-bike?

You use our app to register. You can register using your full name, email address and mobile number

2. Why do I have to enter my mobile number or email address to register for an account?

Our policy requires us to have contact information for all users of our E-bikes for safety reasons.

3. What payment methods do you accept?

Our payment method is done through MOLPAY platform. MOLPAY accepts online banking and all major debit and credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard etc.

4. How do I pay for my UNiRIDE E-Bike Usage?

Once you’re registered with UNiRIDE app, you will have an UNiRIDE E-wallet. You need to top-up your E-wallet in order to use the E-Bike. Its more like a prepaid scheme.


1. How much does it cost to ride an E-Bike?

Our base fee is RM1.10. For every km travelled is RM0.20/km and every minute used is RM0.05/minute. So total payment for each ride will be Base Fee + KM Travelled + Minutes used.

Yup its that cheap to ride!


1. How long can I keep an E-bike for?

As long as you want, provided that you do not end the trip. But definitely it will incur more charges. The best way is, after using the E-bike, return it to the designated location and end your trip. Don’t worry our designated location is located strategically within campus.

2. Can I take my E-bike outside the originating campus or city?

Sorry you may not take the E-Bike outside the originating campus or city. All of our E-Bikes are equipped with GPS tracking device and we are able to locate them. If our operation team detect this problem, a penalty fee will be charged by deducting your E-Wallet account.

3. How far can I go with E-bike?

All of our E-bikes are equipped with 48V Li-ion battery. With a fully charged battery, an E-bike travel distance is from 25km to 40km. The travel distance may vary depending on your riding behaviour.

4. What happens if my E-Bike ran out of battery?

Do not worry, the app will show you the battery percentage and estimated range for each available E-Bikes.

However, touch wood, in the event if your battery ran out during your ride, just call us and our ground team will response to your location with a new battery. Yup the batteries are swapable.

5. What happens if im involved in an accident?

Every E-Bike riders are covered with General Personal Accident insurance up to RM150.

Our ground team will handle each case thoroughly.

6. Can I cancel my booking?

You may reserve the bike for 15 minutes. Within that 15 minutes you are able to cancel your reservation. You can only cancel your reservation up to 3 times. After that, you will not be allowed to cancel reservations for 24 hours.

However, once you have started your trip and the bike is unlocked, you are not able to cancel your ride.

7. Can a rider rent more than 1 bike at a time?

Only one bike per account can be used at one time.

8. How do I turn on E-Bike’s lights?

The front light on E-Bike can be turned on or off manually. The button is located on the left handle of the E-Bike.

9. Where can I ride an E-Bike?

You can ride our bikes on the streets or dedicated cycle lanes within the specified boundaries of the campus or city you are in.


1. How do I unlock an E-Bike?

On the app, browse through the map to see the nearest available E-Bike. Scan the QR code, click reserve and the small monitor on the right handle will be switched on. Once the monitor is on, the bike is automatically unlocked.

2. How do I lock an E-Bike?

Firstly, you have to return our bikes to any designated UNiRIDE stations located within your campus or city. You can find the designated stations nearest to you on our app.

Next, once your E-bike is at the designated UNiRIDE stations, simply press ‘End Trip’ to lock the bike. You will see the small monitor on right handle will be switched off automatically.

3. I would like to hop into the shop for 5 minutes, should I lock the bike?

You should always lock the bike when you are leaving it unattended as losing the bike will incur a penalty.

You can lock the bike without having to end your trip by clicking the ‘Lock’ button instead of the ‘End Trip’ button on the app’s homepage.

4. I forgot to lock the bike. What should I do?

If you have forgotten to lock the bike, try returning to the bike to lock it. If you cannot find the bike, contact us immediately and we will assist in locating the bike. If the bike cannot be found, you may be liable for a penalty for losing the bike.