What is UNiRIDE?

UNiRIDE is on-campus car sharing program where user needs to register as a member. A member is eligible to rent a UNiRIDE car by placing a booking online via website and mobile apps. Cars are parked at various UNiRIDE stations inside campus and it can be rented for hourly or daily basis with an option of one-way trip or round trip booking.

What are one-way trip and round trip?

  • One-way trip:

    Option 1:

     Pick-up from one UNiRIDE station at University A   and return to other UNiRIDE station at University B.


   Option 2:

   Pick-up from one UNiRIDE station at a university and return to other UNiRIDE station within the same university.


  • Round trip – Pick-up and return at the same UNiRIDE station within the same university.


I’m ready to join. How do I become a member?

It’s easy to get started!

  1. First, review UNiRIDE member eligibility policy carefully:

    • All student with students’ ID card

    • All university staff with university ID card

    • Ages 18 and above

    • Have a valid driver’s license (Probation and International Driver’s licenses are also accepted)

    • You need to have at least one of these options:

      1. Have a valid major credit card or debit card under member’s name

      2. Have an active E-Wallet account (Please register your own E-Wallet account at

      3. Have an active Kashcard

  2. Then, fill up the online application at You can also fill up the form via UNiRIDE mobile apps which is available on Google Play or App Store.

  3. Once UNiRIDE membership application has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email. You can immediately collect the membership card at UNiRIDE’s command centre located at your University for activation purpose.

Note: Student card also be used as a membership card but needs to be activated at the command centre.

How do I cancel my membership?

Please contact UNiRIDE by phone or email for cancellation. We will check your account and provide instruction to return the membership card or deactivate your account (if you use student card). However, membership fee is not refundable.


How do I make a reservation?

Login using your registered email address and password on your desktop or mobile device. Search for a car at your desired area and select your preferred time. You will receive a confirmation email which contains details of the reserved vehicle.

How much does it cost?

  • Annual membership fee is RM 20.00.

  • Standard rate for hourly rental:

    • RM 15.00 per hour within 20km distance only.

    • After 20km, excess kilometers charges will be imposed on every additional kilometer involved*

    • RM120 flat rate for booking of 8 hours and above within 160km distance only

    • Standard rate is inclusive of fuel cost

*  Excess kilometers charges is based on current market fuel price.

  • Standard rate for daily rental:

    • Standard rate for daily rental varies depending on number of days the vehicle is rented.

    • Fuel cost is not included in daily rental.

    • All vehicles for daily rental will be come with full tank and members are required to return the vehicles will full tank otherwise penalty will be imposed.

  • Members may check UNiRIDE main page for more information on current promotions.


  1. Rate will be different for different type of cars.

  2. Fuel rate is subject to change based on current market fuel price.

What type of car can I reserve?

The initial type of car is PERODUA AXIA; the Malaysia’s First Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV).

What if I cannot find the vehicle when I want to do the reservation?

The search function comes with the list of timing and location of the available cars. If none is shown, that means all cars are fully booked.

If you have made the reservation but the car is not there when you arrive at UNiRIDE station, you may give us a call and we will assist you by tracking the booked car or switching to another car available.

How long can I book a car for?

Hourly Rental: You can put in a booking for a minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 16 hours (subject to UNiRIDE’s operation hours).

Daily Rental: Minimum booking is 1 day and maximum is 30 days.

For round-trip, you may make a reservation in advance. However, only instant booking is allowed for one-way trip.

What happens if the car breaks down during reservation?

In the event of a break down, flat tire or other problem, call UNiRIDE centre immediately so that we are able to send UNiRIDE ground team to provide assistance.

The emergency contact number is 019-303 3272.

Unlock & Go

Where are the cars located?

Cars are parked at UNiRIDE stations at various sites inside campus mainly on the street or in a lot, close to your hostel or class. Locations vary by campus such as residence buildings, faculties, student centres and etc. See our program page for more information.

Who can drive the cars?

Only members are allowed to drive UNiRIDE cars. Member is fully responsible to the car if anything happened during the reservation period if she/he allowed another person to drive.

Can I Smoke in UNiRIDE?

Smoking/ vaping in the car is strictly prohibited. Once caught, penalty charges will be imposed to you.

Who is responsible for filling the gas tank?

Fuel is included! However, in the event you need to refill the fuel tank, UNiRIDE will reimburse the amount of fuel by submitting the actual receipt to our UNiRIDE centre in your campus.

Note: UNiRIDE may provide Petronas fuel card inside the car for you to refill the fuel tank at any Petronas station at your convenience. You will be responsible for any unauthorized usage of the fuel card during your reservation period. It is also advisable for you to check if the fuel card is inside the car before start using UNiRIDE.

Can I extend my reservation?

We understand some unexpected events might occur and you require to extend the usage to avoid late return.

In this case, UNiRIDE allows you to extend your time to avoid late return and to be penalized at higher rate. The extension can be made before the booking ends via website or mobile apps. However, the extension will only be successful if there is no forward booking made by other members.

Note: It is advisable for members to plan their reservation in advance and make extension before the reservation period ends.


What happen if I didn’t return the car on time?

Performing late return or extend your booking time when your reservation period has ended will incur penalty charges. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more information on penalty charges.

When you know that you are running a bit late, you may extend your booking before your reservation period ends. If there is no other reservation placed right after you, the extension will be succeeded.

What if there is no parking lot available at the time when I want to return the car?

You need to call us immediately for assistance. The emergency contact number is 019-303 3272.

Am I responsible in cleaning the vehicle?

You are responsible for picking up trash and taking your personal belongings upon exiting the vehicle.

If you find the vehicle in less than acceptable condition at the start of your reservation, call UNiRIDE centre immediately to avoid a fee. Be sure to leave the vehicle in a good condition for the next member.


How do I pay?

Upon joining, you will be asked to set up a credit card, direct debit card, Kashcard or E-Wallet to pay for the membership and usage fees. You will be notified via apps notification and email with the charged amount after each transaction of your usage upon end of your reservation.

Should there any other special charges that are due to damages, lost and other event as specified in UNiRIDE Terms & Conditions, you will be notified in your members’ account marked as outstanding balance.

Members are required to make online payment prior to the next booking, otherwise your membership will be suspended until the payment is made.

Is there any additional charge?

Penalty on late return, return car at outside of designated parking area, no show, loss of car’s accessories and some other conditions.

Can I cancel my booking?

Cancellation is not allowed. You will be charged as no show if the car is not picked-up as per reservation. It is advisable for you to call UNiRIDE centre if you would like to appeal for a cancellation and it is subject to UNiRIDE’s approval. Some penalty and administrative fees will be charged.

Physical Damages & Liability

What happens if I get a parking ticket or other traffic fine?

You are responsible for the payment of any penalty charges by the local authorities. UNiRIDE will inform you of any fines incurred during your reservation and include them in your UNiRIDE billings account once it has been paid by UNiRIDE based on the actual receipt.

In some cases like traffic violation fines, we may transfer the fine to your name and mail the ticket to your address upon which you will be held accountable to pay for it to the relevant authorities.

What if I lose my UNiRIDE membership card?

Contact UNiRIDE centre to request for a replacement. In most cases, a replacement fee will apply.

Am I covered to drive?

Driver and passengers are covered under personal accident provided by Allianz. Please refer UNiRIDE website for specific information.